The firm acts as trustee for those families and individuals looking for experienced and compassionate trustee services.  When a family decides they need a trust, whether a revocable living trust or irrevocable trust for Medicaid or estate tax planning, family members are ill equipped or lack the time to serve as trustee.  Furthermore, family members often lack the resources to find adequate professionals to handle trust accounting, financial advising, and care management roles.  Even when outside professionals are involved, who is managing the professionals to ensure they are acting in unison and in the family’s best interest?


When serving as trustee, the attorneys and staff provide the following services:

  • Payment of bills and other distributions.
  • Liaison with Accountants.
  • Work with clients and beneficiaries to develop spending plans that balance payment for current needs and preservation of asset for anticipated future needs.
  • Investment supervision.
  • Supervision of tax return preparation.
  • Annual meetings.
  • Provision of annual accountings to courts.
  • Liaison with eldercare professionals such as care managers, facilities, home care agencies and medical professionals.

Special Needs Trusts

We often act as trustees of special needs trusts for individuals who have one or more disabilities. This also involves more “hands on” work coordinating benefits, planning for future needs, and responding to current needs than traditional professional trustees are ready and willing to take on. However, given our mission we welcome the opportunity to take on this role and to work with families and other care providers going the extra mile for their loved ones.