As many of you know, NJELC at Goldberg Law Group is a full service elder law firm. But did you also know that we are just as passionate about estate planning for people 18-110? While we talk a lot about NJELC’s unique approach to elder law, our estate planning arm, Goldberg Law Group, is just as active and our clients receive the same service and considerate advice that we spent a decade fine tuning. Below are some representative matters from both NJELC and GLG. As you will see they run the gamut between estate planning and elder law.

An elderly woman suffers multiple strokes but due to her lack of a Power of Attorney, her husband is unable to spend her assets on her care and qualify for Medicaid.

A married couple with children from prior marriages wants to ensure their estates go to the right heirs upon death.

A family with multiple real estate investment properties wants to make certain beneficiaries don’t have larger than necessary taxes to pay upon death.

A typical young family with two pre-teens wants to ensure they memorialize their wishes regarding who will raise their children should they both pass away before the children are adults.

An elderly woman is moving to assisted living and wants to make sure she doesn’t become impoverished due to her health care needs.

A couple with no children wants to make certain there are fiduciaries available to help make decisions for them as they age.

Due to lack of planning, a gentleman spends his savings in skilled nursing. His family asks us to help file a Medicaid application.

An executor overwhelmed by the death of her mother needs help navigating her estate administration responsibilities.

A sixty year old bed bound man faced with a terminal illness and only days to live wants to execute a Last Will and Testament to ensure his estate is distributed according to his wishes.

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