Elder Law is a young field that is relatively unknown and misunderstood – even amongst experienced attorneys.  Elder law attracts professionals interested in concentrating in a narrow area of the law that, practiced correctly, incorporates knowledge of many different disciplines.  For instance, a common elder law matter might require expertise in: state Medicaid rules; knowledge of real estate transfers and various tax implications; familiarity with long term care insurance or annuities; and a working knowledge of Veterans Benefits programs. Also, in order to practice successfully, the elder law attorney must be capable of listening attentively with patience and compassion.

Our practice has four facets developed to service our clients and their families in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Side one: Estate Planning Document Review and Drafting. In order to execute a plan effectively one needs well drafted documents. We draft our documents with a great amount of foresight to make them as flexible as possible for many years to come. However, it must be understood that documents are only one part of the solution.  The documents are useless without the proper plan execution and guidance which we provide for many years.

Side Two: Veterans Administration Benefits. VA benefits are part of an important strategy to stretch out a client’s resources.  We are well versed in VA benefits programs, particularly the little known aid & attendance program which provides our clients with valuable monthly income (up to $2,019/month) to offset some or all of their recurring unreimbursed medical expenses.  Without proper guidance, VA benefits are capable of jeopardizing access to other important resources, such as Medicaid. It is imperative that one hire a professional when seeking this important benefit.

Side Three: Long Term Care Planning. Nobody wants to be in a position where they are forced to rely on government benefits programs to pay for long term care.  We help our clients plan properly for their long term care expenses (at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home) to provide them with options.  These options include where they wish to receive care and whether or not to private pay for some or all of their care needs. We help them avoid impoverishment and maintain dignity as they age. In a crisis, we advise our clients on how to spend down their resources properly to qualify for Medicaid.

Side Four: Professional Referrals. We align ourselves with the finest allied professionals in their respective industries.  In order for us to refer another professional they must exhibit traits such as stellar customer service, professionalism, and mastery of their subject matter.  Examples of professionals we work with are: financial advisors, home care agencies, geriatric care managers, assisted living facilities, accountants, Medicare advisors, and mental health physicians.  We pride ourselves on the caliber of these relationships which allow us to service our clients beyond the scope of their legal needs.

Our practice is designed to act like a service organization rather than the typical law firm clients often encounter.  We pledge to service our clients for as long as it takes to navigate their long term care need.  We are proud to befriend our clients and their families, and look forward to partnering with them to solve their very serious problems.