Two women looking triumphantly toward horizon

2017 – What a year!  Those of you already familiar with us already know how passionate we are about servicing our clients. We truly want to be the top elder law firm in the country and we want our employees to live an extraordinary life.  It’s a win-win:  Our clients get the best service, our professional resources are elated, and our important team members enjoy their work.  So, a quick recap of our 2017:

  • We dug in our heels in 2016 in order to excel in 2017 and beyond.  Instead of plodding along and hoping for better things in the future, Clelia and I focused on professional development, met with business mentors, and vowed to build a Super Bowl team.  A fantastic thing happened as a byproduct – we lost those employees who were unwilling to strive towards excellence and replaced them with team members who subscribe to our mission, vision, and values.
  •  We added a Client Care Coordinator to our team.  While we always considered ourselves a holistic and broad-based practice, we have now taken the extra step of carving out a position specifically devoted to those client questions and concerns regarding non-legal issues.  This allows us to better serve our clients and work more closely with geriatric care managers and other allied professionals.
  • Clelia Pergola wrote the “Law Firm Revolution” and now speaks publicly about running a successful law practice while maintaining balance (even at long established law firms).
  •  GLG raised $18,500 for a local VFW.  If you want to gain some insight into how an organization should run attend a GLG fundraiser. This went off without a hitch and raised money for our underserved veterans.
  •  I became a Certified Elder Law Attorney “(CELA”).  Years of helping seniors, months of studying, and a devotion to my craft really paid off.
  • We won Best Law Firm in Essex County!

Anyone who knows a team member at GLG is already aware of our passion to help seniors and their families.  We combine our knowledge of the law with a keen sense of business organization and compassion to expertly serve our clients. We recognize the enormous responsibility that comes with serving the senior population and are proud to be a leader in this wonderful industry.

Our core values are:

  • Client Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Service Excellence
  • Employee Development
  • Compassion

Looking forward to great things in 2018!