Tonisha Brooks



Toni Brooks has been a paralegal for more than 15 years and involved with estate administration for much of that time. During what is often one of the most difficult times in a family’s life, Toni meticulously helps guide our families through the process of managing their loved one’s affairs.

On the client’s behalf, Toni helps manage the decedent’s assets and communicates with all financial institutions, brokerage firms, and lending houses. She then assists with the preparation of NJ Estate and Inheritance tax returns. Once all aspects of the estate have been addressed and the Inheritance/Estate tax liability (if applicable) has been paid, Toni will also help with the distribution of the assets according to the provisions of the Will.

Toni understands all too well what our clients are going through: she took on the responsibility of managing her own mother’s estate when she passed away a few years ago.

Toni serves each of our clients as if they were one of her own family members.  She recognizes her availability to our families is an essential part of the estate administration process. As such, Toni ensures that she is available to our clients via phone, email, and conferences throughout the entire administration of the estate.

Toni is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner.