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When thinking about what might be the best services that are available to your loved ones through Medicaid, you might be overwhelmed with the options presented to you. However, we are here to help you break these options down and better assist you in discovering what options might be best to properly care for your loved ones. 

At Home 

When my family was looking for home care options for my grandmother, we were searching for options that allowed her to receive care while nurturing her need for independence. Home Medicaid care allows people to strike this balance between caring for themselves and asking for help in areas they may need it.

If an individual qualifies for Medicaid, then they may be eligible to use their coverage to support home care services such as:

  • Vehicle modifications
  • Home modifications
  • Meal delivery
  • Personal Emergency Response systems
  • Personal assistance

My family decided on home modifications and personal emergency response systems to help my grandmother. It was the best decision for her and my family because we were more confident, she could care for herself properly with the help of these extra tools.

Assisted Living Facility 

Most assisted living facilities in New Jersey accept Medicaid, which allows your loved one to receive adequate care, with proper assistance. To secure a spot in an assisted living facility, your loved one must meet the clinical eligibility requirements of Medicaid, the facility must accept Medicaid, and they have to have a Medicaid bed available. Of course, each facility has different terms and conditions for admission, therefore thorough research is needed before committing to one assisted living facility. 

An assisted living facility houses people with disabilities or adults who need more care than they are provided with at home services. 

This service differs from home services through providing comfort and care while giving residents independence. In an assisted living facility, residents have their own apartments, may prepare meals and have guests over when they wish. In addition, these facilities foster a sense of community through group activities and daily interaction with other residents. 

Most importantly, assisted living facilities usually offer 24/7 access to care staff, should your loved one need daily medications or assistance with any other tasks. 

Nursing Home 

Nursing homes are the most involved out of these three care options. They focus on providing medical care, while assisted living facilities focus more on housing in support. Residents can expect smaller, less apartment-like accommodations in a nursing home in comparison to an assisted living facility. 

Another factor to consider is a nursing home tends to be more expensive than assisted living facilities due to the more intense medical care they are expected to provide to their residents. Just like an assisted living facility, nursing homes generally have staff to provide 24/7 care to their residents. 

What is the best option?

It is important to assess the situation you and your loved one are in to make an informed decision on which one of these facilities or services will ensure a happy and healthy outcome. If your loved one is more independent, then at home help or an assisted living facility may be the best options for care. However, if your loved one is in need of more robust support, a nursing home may be the best option. Keep in mind that the comfort and safety of your loved one is the number one priority and consulting a medical professional when making this decision may aid in the decision process.

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