Prepare financially before you need long-term care with guidance from our experienced Medicaid review team

New Jersey’s Medicaid application process is complicated, and often intimidating, for older adults and their loved ones. Making even a minor application mistake can cause you to miss out on obtaining benefits, and when Medicaid benefits are denied, your family is left in a vulnerable position as they figure out how to pay expensive long-term care costs out-of-pocket.

It’s crucial to consult with a legal team experienced with Medicaid review before you’re faced with a financial crisis due to paying for medical bills out of pocket. At New Jersey Elder Law Center, we protect your peace of mind by making obtaining the benefits you need easier.

Creating a comprehensive plan with the NJ Elder Law Center (NJELC) at Goldberg Law Group increases your chances of submitting a successful Medicaid application the first time.

Schedule your free consultation. Speak with a Medicaid review attorney and learn how to proactively implement a legal plan that protects your right to Medicaid benefits.

How We Help with Medicaid Review

State and federal Medicaid laws place strict requirements on the financial eligibility for Medicaid. If your income is too high or if you own too many assets, you may not be eligible for the financial support you need to afford long-term care. However, simply giving away or hiding your assets to fit these stringent requirements can lead to a transfer penalty. Large gifts given up to five years before the Medicaid application process begins can harm your eligibility.

That’s why planning ahead is key.

Create a strategy for the Medicaid “Look-Back” period

If the Board of Social Services determines that you gave away your assets to a friend or family member just to qualify for Medicaid, you could be penalized with a costly disqualification period.

During this Medicaid disqualification period, you or your family would be responsible for paying out of pocket for any long-term care you may need.

Consult with a Medicaid review attorney about available options. Reduce your assets in a legally sound way to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Identify and address eligibility setbacks before applying for Medicaid benefits

If your income and assets are too great to obtain benefits, they must be reduced before you submit your Medicaid application.

If you transfer any significant amount of money during the look-back period, you must maintain supporting documentation. You must be able to prove the purpose of every large transaction or significant financial decision made during the five years before applying to Medicaid.

In the alternative, there are strategies to resolve gifts during the look-back period. We are available to discuss these strategies to save your family money.

At your free consultation with NJELC, our experienced, compassionate staff can help you determine:

  • What financial changes you must make, if any, to qualify for Medicaid
  • Which large transactions require supporting documentation
  • When you may successfully submit a Medicaid application
  • How to qualify for Medicaid earlier
  • What legal documents you should obtain before transitioning to long-term nursing home care
  • How to begin the application process

Benefits of Medicaid Review

Ensure your Medicaid application will be successful.
Avoid paying out-of-pocket medical bills as you age to protect your life savings.
Feel more in control of your financial affairs.
Make the transition to long-term nursing home care less stressful for yourself.

By avoiding accidental transfer penalties or a disqualification period, you can avoid paying out of pocket for costly hospital and long-term care medical bills as you age by avoiding accidental transfer penalties or a disqualification period. This protects your life savings as well as your loved ones’ financial well-being.

When you feel more in control of your financial affairs, making the transition to a long-term care or assisted living arrangement is less stressful.

You deserve to feel confident that your health care will be fully covered as you age.

Contact NJELC today and learn how Medicaid Review provides financial peace of mind to you and your family.

Our Medicaid Review Services

We know that many older adults are living on a fixed income, even as the cost of living continues to rise. Health care expenses such as long-term care and hospital services can mount up quickly as you age.

At NJELC, we recognize that your financial affairs and physical health are unique to you. Our knowledgeable staff offers personalized solutions that are custom-tailored to your needs.

Prepare for the future with MedExplore from NJELC

In addition to creating a financial and legal plan for your future, we’ll also prepare a MedExplore, which will identify any potential hurdles you might face when it’s time to apply to Medicaid. Once we’ve identified these potential problem areas, your Medicaid review attorney will work with you to develop an application strategy that protects your wealth.

Work with Our Experienced Medicaid Review Team

The NJELC team takes a holistic approach to elder law and Medicaid review.

Our experienced Medicaid review team listens to your financial goals and takes the time to answer your questions about paying for long-term care in detail. We contact each of our clients regularly to ensure they get the full benefit of our modified flat fee arrangement.

You deserve to maintain the wealth you’ve worked for, as well as your health. Let us help you protect what you’ve earned, in addition to the loved ones you choose to share it with.

Whether you have questions about long-term care, trusts, wills, or estates, we’re here to help. We specialize in helping older adults prepare financially and legally for the challenges of aging and long-term care.

Contact us to speak with a member of our Medicaid review team today. The more time we have to plan while you are well, the more confidently you can begin planning for a worry-free financial future.

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