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Many people think that elder law mainly involves Medicaid planning, but elder law encompasses a wide range of legal disciplines that aim to meet your needs and protect your interests as you or a loved one considers long-term care.

The experienced legal team at New Jersey Elder Law Center recognizes that planning for your long-term care is more than just a legal issue. We work with our clients to craft personalized solutions that help them achieve the future they want.

Our experienced elder law team works with you to manage many of the challenges that come with long-term care, preserving your life savings and quality of life. A well-implemented long-term care plan helps you:

  • Protect your immediate and future financial security
  • Ensure your healthcare wishes are carried out
  • Cover the cost of long-term care by obtaining public assistance
  • Maintain a higher level of independence and quality of life

If you or someone you love needs help planning for long-term care, please reach out to us for a free consultation.

At NJ Elder Law Center, we understand that not every case will require legal assistance. We assess your situation and help you decide whether you need to engage a professional—and if you do decide you need experienced legal guidance, we’re here to support you throughout the process.

Our goal is to provide effective, efficient, and client-centered elder planning strategies so you or your loved one can enjoy a better future

How We Help with Long-Term Care Planning

At New Jersey Elder Law Center, we apply years of legal experience toward helping clients achieve their long-term care planning goals—but we also go beyond traditional legal support to help our clients build the life they want for themselves or their loved ones.

At NJ Elder Law Center, we take a holistic approach to long-term care planning. In addition to legal support, we aim to protect our clients’ emotional well-being and help them achieve a higher quality of care.

Many of our team members are former caregivers, and we understand that the challenges of long-term care are emotional and financial. Our goal is to advocate on behalf of clients while also providing compassionate guidance and support.

We also take pride in our commitment to open communication. As part of our genuine commitment to service, we always aim to keep you informed at every step of the long-term care planning process.

Our team is proactive about client communication. We reach out to clients consistently to ensure that you’re benefiting fully from the services available to you.

Our Elder Law and Long-Term Care Planning Services

At New Jersey Elder Law Center, we offer a wide range of legal and care planning solutions designed to address the financial, medical, and personal needs of older individuals and their families.

We realize that each client’s situation is unique and requires personalized strategies. Depending on your individual needs, we are able to support your long-term care with the following services.

Medicaid planning

The Medicaid program offers much-needed long-term care insurance to individuals below certain asset and income thresholds. The assistance provided by Medicaid can be crucial in helping seniors afford long-term care without exhausting their own life savings.

Many people are under the impression that Medicaid is only for individuals with low income or that they must exhaust their assets paying for care before they qualify. You can preserve your life savings by carefully planning for Medicaid eligibility, even if you own a home and have considerable assets.

Our legal team helps you ensure Medicaid eligibility with strategic planning tools such as Medicaid Compliant Annuities. These arrangements can preserve your assets for beneficiaries while still allowing you to access Medicaid assistance. In instances where only one spouse needs long-term care, Medicaid-compliant annuities also help protect the healthy spouse’s finances and quality of life.

If you worry that you or someone you love may soon need long-term care but aren’t sure about Medicaid eligibility, please reach out. We assist you with planning ahead to protect hard-earned savings from the cost of long-term care services.

Client care planning and coordination

Preserving financial stability in the face of long-term care is vital. Still, it’s only one of the many questions older individuals and their families need to address when planning their healthcare and assisted living options.

At New Jersey Elder Law Center, we believe that preserving independence, dignity, and high quality of life for our clients is just as important as protecting their finances.

We protect our clients by going beyond traditional legal solutions. To care holistically for all of our clients’ needs, we offer a number of care coordination services.

Our Care Coordinator uses their in-depth knowledge of the availability, cost, and quality of local resources to help clients seek a better overall quality of care. They make regular visits to check that our clients’ needs are being met and work closely with other care professionals, including Aging Life Care Specialists, Geriatric Care Managers, and Social Workers.

Our team can offer guidance throughout the process and advocate on behalf of those who are seeking long-term care.

Our clients and their loved ones can rest easier knowing that someone is watching out for their best interests throughout the process of seeking and receiving long-term care.

Powers of attorney and health care directives

As they grow older, many people wonder what will happen if they become incapacitated.

Without the right legal documents in place, losing capacity could mean that medical decisions are made against your wishes. We help you create a legal strategy to protect your autonomy and maintain control over your own care if you cannot make important decisions for yourself.

We help you establish Powers of Attorney so that someone you trust can make critical financial and medical decisions in the event that you become incapacitated.

Our experienced legal team also helps you maintain control over your personal care through Health Care Directives, HIPAA Authorizations, and more.

Estate planning

We also work to help clients preserve and pass down their assets to the next generation.

The experienced legal team at New Jersey Elder Law Center offers a range of estate planning services to help our clients better preserve their legacies.

We have the legal experience to guide you through your options. Our attorneys help you draft important, legally-binding estate planning documents, including your Last Will and Testament and Powers of Attorney.

In addition, we have significant experience helping our clients control their assets through the use of trusts. When used strategically, a well-structured trust shields your assets from the public probate process, protects your wealth from creditors, and allows you to set the terms for the way certain assets are distributed.

As with all of our other services, we’ll work with you collaboratively and start by listening to your key concerns. Once we have a sense of your unique needs and goals, we guide you through the process of creating an estate planning strategy.

These are only some of the many elder law and long-term care services we offer. If you have additional concerns or questions, please reach out to schedule a free consultation.

Work with Our Experienced Elder Law Team

Our passionate, dedicated team helps clients navigate the challenges that come with aging and long-term care. We care deeply about our work and look to provide solutions that preserve the client’s independence, dignity, and quality of life.

At New Jersey Elder Law Center, our approach is always informed by compassion, clear communication, and a commitment to serving the individual needs of every client.

If you or someone you love needs long-term care services or you have other elder law concerns you’d like to discuss, contact us. We’d love to discuss your needs and offer guidance during a free consultation.

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