This month’s featured Alpha is Clelia Pergola. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Clelia to plan an event, and found her to be Absolutely Alpha. Clelia is courageous, entrepreneurial and empathetic, and she gives her all to everything she does!   
Clelia says “I think an Alpha Woman leads by example – she isn’t afraid to show her feminine side or ask for help, but she is driven to succeed and accomplish the task at hand”. 

“My work, my family, and my friends are so intertwined nowadays.  I am constantly seeking ways to help others learn from my mistakes and challenges.  Empowering women to be better and more confident is one of my lifelong goals” says Clelia. 

Remember, becoming an Alpha is a journey, Clelia shares “I learned so much as a young woman, but it took some time to put together all the pieces and improve my self-worth.  I feel like I struggled in my early years resulting in self-hatred and anger. Those struggles became the torch that propelled me further. I wish I found that strength earlier”.  

Clelia’s daily inspiration: Strive to be the best version of yourself by keeping promises, surrounding yourself with excellent people, and following great role models.

Clelia G. Pergola, is Chief Operating Officer, NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group, and author of “The Law Firm Revolution”, you can learn more about her Alpha journey here.

Have an Alpha Day!

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