Goldberg Law Group is growing! Over the last few years we’ve been able to help hundreds of elderly and disabled clients successfully plan for their long term care needs and younger clients plan for their future. We owe our success predominantly to three factors: cutting edge planning strategies, efficient operations, and friendly client services. As we have grown, we desired to take this three prong approach and help those clients we formerly had trouble servicing. So, here’s what we have done:

Need:   Provide options for those clients with larger estates and those clients that may have legal needs ancillary to estate planning and elder law.

Solution:   Please welcome Andrew Freda, Esq. Andy has practiced law for over 25 years in such varied areas as securities litigation, real estate, and civil litigation. His passion, though, is complex estate planning; a specialty borne out by his successful representation of major foundations in their estate planning practices. Andy is also a Renaissance man of sorts; skilled at cooking, fishing, guitar, and furniture making.

Need: Provide options for elder law and estate planning clients in Morris, Sussex, and other counties. Goldberg Law Group has a strong presence in areas outside Essex County. However, we find that families prefer to do planning closer to home. While we are always willing to meet seniors in their homes some want their law firm right in their backyard.

Solution: Enter Robert Murray, Esq. who now heads our Morristown office. Bob hails from New Orleans by way of California. As soon as Clelia and I met Bob we knew he was right for our elder law practice – and Bob knew he had found his home. Bob stated a few weeks ago how elated he is to find a firm that shares his values: Do what’s best for the client even if the firm doesn’t always benefit. Bob’s approach to elder law mirrors that of Goldberg Law Group. He may look young, but Bob has a firm grasp on elder law concepts and provides sound solutions for our clients. He may also be the nicest guy on the planet! Unfortunately, Bob’s tennis game is beginning to suffer due to the extensive time he spends in assisted living facilities.

Need: Increase efficiencies.

Solution: Finally, we moved into our new office suite, a state of the art facility in Fairfield’s best building. We started from scratch this time and built exactly what we wanted. Thank you, Clelia for anticipating every challenge along the way! Our new conference room is larger, enough to accommodate ten comfortably, and includes a large flat screen television for PowerPoint presentations, videos, and client document review. Next, we migrated from 80% paperless to 95% paperless and have instituted certain procedures to keep our clients’ paper to a minimum.


In summation, GLG is running on all cylinders. We have a team of highly competent staff members and attorneys who share the common goal to serve our clients efficiently, effectively, and respectfully. We work hard, but have fun doing it, and it shows in our work product and in our reputation.

We owe our growth to the people reading this post. Thank you for your confidence and ongoing support. Please feel free to stop by and visit our new home!