Members of Goldberg Law Group

Those of you who know us well recognize that we keep a hectic pace throughout the day.  Clelia and I are obsessed with taking care of clients, vetting outside professionals, and building a great team. Twelve hour days fly by and then it’s time to exercise and share experiences with family and friends.  We also spend a lot of time thinking about our team as they are an extended family and, in fact, an extension of our philosophies (teaser: see more in Clelia’s upcoming book!). This morning, I want to thank my staff publicly.

In all the years of running the elder law firm we have never had a team like this.  Passion, compassion, work ethic, comradery, support, excellence.  Fill in the blanks – they have it all.  Every single team member is devoted to his or her area of expertise and it shows.  It is rare that a prospective client doesn’t sing the praises of Marlena or Jessica.  Later, when the client is in the midst of our process, the accolades continue: “I can’t thank you enough for the consistent follow up.  We never would have accomplished the plan with everything else that is going on with mom.”  Natalie, our newest team member is a force in the world of Medicaid and public benefits and Toni has been right by our side from the start helping families distribute assets in the face of heartbreaking loss.

Then there is the travel:  Ever since we welcomed the talented Christina Candido aboard as our Client Care Coordinator, our staff has become obsessed with travel.  What’s an employer to do?  We say, “Go! See the world, explore, come back with stories and experiences.”  Recently, Marlena left for ten work days to explore France.  She had never before left the country.  How would we survive for ten full days without the team member who touches every single prospective client, active client, and professional that calls or walks through the door? Oh, and did I mention that we are busier than ever?

I’m not going to say it was easy because there is no way to minimize what Marlena does.  But, the team came together seamlessly.  Every team member grabbed a piece of Marlena’s day and executed it in an extraordinary way.  Did we feel her absence?  Were there moments of overwhelming stress?  Most definitely.  Did we accomplish our goals and grow together?  Yes!

Thursday night we celebrate our six-year mark as a law firm (our actual anniversary was September 8).  We work hard to accomplish our goal of being the best elder law firm and we know that teamwork is the key.  The last six years have been incredible.  As any business owner knows, keeping great people is imperative. I’m thankful each and every day to surround myself with this great group of leaders in our industry.