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Category: Guardianship

Supporting Individuals with Mental Health Issues, Drug, and Alcohol Addiction

In situations where individuals with mental health issues, drug addiction, or alcohol dependency areunable to make sound decisions for themselves, guardianship can provide necessary protection andsupport. In New Jersey, the legal process for establishing guardianships is designed to ensure the

Adult Guardianship Explained by Valerie Buccino

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Guardianship New Jersey is the legal process by which the court appoints someone to oversee adults that are not able to make decisions for themselves. Court appointed guardians are granted legal authority to make health care and/or financial decisions for

What the Guardianship Process Looks Like

To file for guardianship, one must obtain two separate evaluations of the alleged incapacitated person (“AIP”), completed by either two medical doctors or one medical doctor and a psychologist.  These professionals meet with the AIP and complete a Certification and


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