New Jersey Elder Law Center at Mandelbaum Salsburg Differentiator

NJ Elder Law Center at Mandelbaum Salsburg (NJELC) recognizes that our clients don’t have only a legal problem.  Therefore, we embrace life care planning techniques to deal with psycho-social issues that arise due to the aging or disability process. We are also quick to admit that we are not experts in everything so we often involve properly vetted outside professionals to handle all other facets of the engagement.

Over the years we have developed industry leading procedures that separate us from all other elder law firms.  We know that the most common complaint about attorneys is their failure to return phone calls and emails.  We truly care about service so we combat that complaint by going further than merely returning phone calls and emails – we created a follow-up process which enables us to reach out to prospective and current clients (or their family members).  Even if our client doesn’t contact us, we contact them on a consistent basis to make certain they are taking full advantage of all of the services we provide under our flat fee arrangement.

Our team is passionate, dedicated and compassionate individuals.  How can we make that claim?  We provide our team members with consistent personal and professional development.  The team eats lunch together, makes a big deal out of birthdays and other milestones, and engages in friendly competitions meant to build confidence, communication skills, and excellent service qualities.  Our goal is to provide an environment where team members enjoy spending time and thriving.  What better way to motivate our people to be excellent than to provide an excellent environment in which to spend their day.

Education, experience, and creativity.  Clients hire professionals because they assume they know their craft.  However, there is a wide variation in what constitutes expertise.  The practice of elder law requires the following attributes:  Patience, compassion, education, financial experience, teamwork, and organization.  The New Jersey Elder Law Center embraces these traits in our quest to solve our clients’ long-term health care problems.