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Medicaid in New Jersey at Home vs. in Assisted Living vs. a Nursing Home

Year: 2022

Medicaid in New Jersey at Home vs. in Assisted Living vs. a Nursing Home

If you’re wondering how to use Medicaid for elder care, whether it’s at home, in assisted living, or in a nursing home, you’re not alone.  Medicaid is a federal program that delivers essential healthcare and long-term care benefits for individuals.

Important Facts About New Jersey Medicaid

The decisions you make now can affect your ability to receive adequate care later. Even if you’re healthy and feel like your future needs are accounted for, it’s important to plan and prepare so that you can qualify for Medicaid

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How NJ Guardians Can Help Their Loved Ones Qualify for Medicaid


Guardians in New Jersey may wonder if there’s anything they can do to help their loved one qualify for Medicaid in the future if or when their loved one is unable to make estate planning decisions for themselves. The answer

Goldberg Law Group is mentioned in Ad-vo-cate for Mom & Dad

What Is A “CARE COUPLE”? Who makes up a care couple? When an elderly parent falls ill, falls down or is diagnosed with dementia, the adult child is all too often thrown into crisis mode to figure out who to

Important Information for College Children

Is your child going off to college for the first time? Or are they returning to college after summer break? If so, have you thought about their most important estate planning documents?   If your child is over the age of

New Jersey Medicaid Divisor Increased!!!

WHAT IS THE PENALTY PERIOD DIVISOR? The penalty period divisor is used when calculating penalty periods that a Medicaid Applicant may incur due to gifting or transferring of assets during the 5-year look back period for New Jersey’s Medicaid’s Managed

Helping Seniors and Their Loved Ones Plan for a Better Future

At New Jersey Elder Law Center, we apply years of legal experience toward helping clients achieve their long-term care planning goals—but we also go beyond traditional legal support to help our clients build the life they want for themselves or

Basic Estate Planning – But Is It?

Some people think that estate planning is simply a matter of distributing assets to heirs after death. Others believe it is only for very wealthy families. The fact is, most individuals and families can benefit from having their own estate

The Importance of Medicaid Planning

During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to do Long-Term Care (Medicaid) Planning.  This is especially true if you have health issues or if you have limited assets and worry you may face a long-term care crisis


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