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Access To Assets In Testamentary Trust (Powers Of Appointment)

Year: 2019

Access To Assets In Testamentary Trust (Powers Of Appointment)

Unfortunately, there are very few options that would enable you to leave the trust assets to your husband if he survives you.   Trusts are often used to control one’s assets after death to restrict use of the funds for selected

Inheritance Tax On Bequest To Nieces and Nephews

New Jersey remains one of the few States that imposes an inheritance tax.   The inheritance tax is not based on the size of the estate, but on who receives the estate. There is no inheritance tax imposed on transfers to

Spending Time With Your Elderly Loved Ones This Holiday: Signs To Look Out For

The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to reminisce and celebrate, but they also provide us the ability to detect cognitive or physical changes in our elderly loved ones.  Below we list several telltale signs to look out for: Change in

To Infinity and Beyond … Are Self-Driving Automobiles the Future for the Elderly and Disabled?

I was recently in the market for a new car. A number of my friends purchased a Tesla so I decided to go for a test drive to see what all the hype is about. Out of curiosity, I asked the sales

Supplementing Long-Term Care Insurance

Elderly female spending time with female caretaker

As elder law attorneys, we pride ourselves on developing sound plans to give our clients the peace of mind that they will avoid impoverishment should they endure a long-term care crisis. For many years, the long-term care insurance industry has

Senior Fraud from Dan Geltrude “America’s Accountant”

We are in the midst of literally the greatest crime of the century and it is being committed against some of the most vulnerable in our society – senior citizens. As a professor at Montclair State University, I teach a course

Medicaid Denials Don’t Always Make Sense

medicaid denial new jersey

A New Jersey appeals court sided with the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services in ruling that a joint account between a Medicaid recipient and her daughter was a countable asset even though the daughter contributed all funds to

Understanding Medicaid Transfer Penalties

Lawyer reviewing paperwork with another individual

In order for the State of New Jersey to prevent Medicaid applicants from gifting assets to qualify for Medicaid earlier, the state institutes a transfer penalty.  The penalty is determined by adding up all “transfers” of assets not used exclusively

When is the right time to plan for a long term care need?

One thing is certain, the right time to plan is not when the elder law attorney thinks it’s a good time to make a sale of his services! At NJELC at Goldberg Law Group, we are asked this question often

Can a Senior Stay at Home Too Long?

can a senior citizen stay at home too long

One of our roles at New Jersey Elder Law Center is to provide solutions to our clients that will allow them to take advantage of all options available to them.  Sometimes correct advice is counter-intuitive and causes family members to


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